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Twenty Twenty Models is a brand new fashion management agency based in London with origins from the prolific No Limits model agency in Greece. Twenty Twenty has offices in London, Köln, Paris and Thessaloniki.

Founded by Chris Foroglou in 2019, Twenty Twenty’s priority is creating tailor-made management in the careers of their models and ensuring that they are looked after, content in their careers, and evolving continually. We adopt the same mentality when it comes to looking after our clients and ensure that we cater to the specifics of the job at hand. We strongly believe in candor and in ensuring that everyone is treated fairly and with respect to ensure that both clients and talent are happy with every aspect of our collaborations. We take pride in building honest, meaningful and dynamic relationships with our colleagues whether that be agencies, clients or the talent themselves.

Here at Twenty Twenty, we look after not only models but talent across the board including photographers, artists, and musicians who entrust the company to support their international careers with mindful strategy as to how we can best hone their skills and how we can develop their career in fashion and in outside ventures.

Chris began a career in fashion with No Limits in the 2010’s and now Chris & Gianna Vlachou have teamed up to place talent at home and abroad.

Twenty Twenty Model Management is proud to represent an array of top international talent whom we believe are the fashion world’s future stars.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I become a model?

In order to become a model, please contact one of our bookers. You can find their e-mails in the “Contact” section. If you are able, please take clear, plain photos without makeup – one of your face, one of the profile of your face, and one full body shot. 

Can I model while working?

Yes! We ensure that we build your career around you.

Can I model while in school?

Yes! We ensure that we build your career around you.

Do I need to be a certain size, age or height to be a model?

At Twenty Twenty, we do not discriminate. We welcome models of all heights, genders, weights and ages. 

Do I need a portfolio to be a model?

While we do need some photos to see what you look like, you do not need a portfolio to begin modelling. 

An agency wants to represent me but has requested money up front in order to do so. Is this normal?

This is not normal in the fashion world and a reputable and legitimate agency will never ask you for money upfront in order for them to represent you.